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It’s not too late for a New Year’s Resolution

If you, like me, are wondering where January and February went and how Easter can be looming just around the corner, you may also be thinking that perhaps your plans for a new start in 2017 have been put on hold for too long and you have missed your chance for this year. For those of you already working for yourself in a home-based or ‘kitchen sink’ business or legal practice the thought of no longer working from your kitchen table may seem like a nice fantasy but unlikely to ever happen.

As someone who has successfully made the move from home office to virtual office and, at long last a serviced office, I can hand on heart promise you it isn’t too late in the year to make a change and the sooner you take the plunge the better life both professionally and personally will be.

The advantage of having someone else answer the telephone (no more holding a finger to my lips waving frantically at my children or hiding in the bathroom when I need to take a client call) as well as having access to modern, professional meeting rooms in the Sydney CBD that are convenient for my clients, has made my working life immeasurably easier. Beyond these core benefits, the biggest, and perhaps most unexpected bonus, has been the collegiate atmosphere and the networking opportunities that have already brought in new work. The feeling that I am no longer ‘alone’ professionally is also a new sensation and one that I can’t begin to put a price on.

Barristers have long known about and enjoyed the advantages of a chambers practice. Being part of a solicitor’s legal chambers means that solicitors can also benefit from being part of a larger group of professionals, including having access to preferred and reduced rates with partner organisations and companies while still enjoying the independence that comes with sole or small practice.

Monthly drinks and additional networking functions amongst members, as well as the opportunity to both, receive and give referrals (when I am offered work outside my area of expertise) means that I am able to enjoy all of the upsides of sole and small legal practice without many of the downsides such as professional isolation and never being able to even think about taking a holiday. This, in turn, means I am more productive and better able to provide the best possible service for my clients.

So, with Easter just around the corner now is the time to ‘Carpe Diem’. Take it from me, you won’t regret it.

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