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Clarence & ALTA Legal Tech Seminar


We recently partnered with ALTA (Australian Legal Technology Association) to bring the latest in legal technology solutions to our members. This Mini Tech event was…

Clarence Legal Members 16% More Profitable


Macquarie Bank recently commissioned an extensive survey of 275 law firms across Australia. 39 Clarence Legal Members participated in the survey providing a statistically significant…

It’s not too late for a New Year’s Resolution


If you, like me, are wondering where January and February went and how Easter can be looming just around the corner, you may also be…

Serviced Office versus Virtual Office – The Choice is Yours


Gone are the days when the only option available to businesses was a fixed office with large overheads. In today’s competitive business environment the need…

Why work-from-home mums need a virtual office


It may be something of a cliché but the saying “Life is never the same once you have children” has more than a grain of…

Three emerging healthy trends in the workplace


In 2015, fit bits, standing desks and office design were all the rage. And, indeed, their popularity continues but in a broader, more systemic way. Australian Employers and employees alike are changing the matrix of the average workday to make it more conducive to daily enjoyment, flexibility and wellbeing.

The chambers practice that just keeps growing


Working in shared office space allows sole practitioners to create a collegiate environment while retaining their independent practices, industry figures have said.