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We Reward Kindness

Referral Rewards

Office membership: When you refer someone who takes up an office membership with us, you receive 10% of the licence fee they pay over a term of up to 12 months. If you're a current virtual member of Clarence, you will only receive up to the value of 3 months of your membership.

Virtual and Coworking membership: When you refer someone who takes up a virtual or coworking membership with us, you receive $250 per membership after the member you referred has paid for 3 months of their membership fees.

Meetings membership: When you refer someone who takes up a meetings membership with us, you receive $50 per membership.

How does it work?

Tell us about a business who may need our services such as virtual, coworking, private office, meetings or community memberships by submitting the form below.

A Clarence team member will contact your referral and if they join Clarence you will receive the reward listed above subject to the below terms and conditions.

For referrers who are not current Clarence members or partners, the reward will be paid by bank transfer into the referrers nominated account.

Refer a member

Terms and Conditions

Office membership reward is payable upon the receipt of money for the security deposit and the signed Licence Agreement. Reward will not be paid on renewals after the first 12 months or expansions at any time. Reward is on rent only and takes into account any deals and break clauses.

If a Virtual member upgrades to an Office in the first 6 months, new office membership reward is payable minus any reward amount already paid.

The above Virtual membership reward is payable at time when 3 months membership is paid in full, not including half price or free months. For example, if the first 2 months is free, the reward is payable at the fifth month.

For Clarence members, this is paid as a credit to your account. For brokers and other referrers, this is paid by bank transfer upon invoice where a maximum of 2 invoices per sale is payable.

There are no limits on the number of referrals you can make. For referrals of office members that take more than 5 offices, the percentage reward fee is negotiated.

Double Jeopardy: Sorry, we can’t reward twice. First in first served. A Clarence team member can confirm registration of your referral.

This reward payment is subjective and non-compulsory. Clarence reserves the rights to change the rules of reward payment structure or deny payment.

A referral is an introduction, if Clarence already knows or is dealing with this potential member it is not counted as a referral.