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Serviced Office versus Virtual Office – The Choice is Yours

Gone are the days when the only option available to businesses was a fixed office with large overheads.

In today’s competitive business environment the need to be flexible and adapt to changing market conditions is an essential survival tool particularly for professional service firms.

Two options that are proving popular for a range of professionals including lawyers, accountants and financial planners are serviced offices and virtual offices.

Serviced Offices

At Clarence, we believe that a serviced office needs to be more than an impersonal room with a desk. We have chosen our serviced office locations and carefully selected our team to ensure that we are always able to provide our members with a welcoming and thoughtful serviced office environment.

The advantage of a serviced office is that you still get to have an actual physical presence in the CBD without the high cost involved in maintaining stand alone premises.

You also have access to a wealth of high quality onsite services including IT support, personalised telephone answering, additional hot desk and conference room facilities and kitchens with quality tea and coffee provided. A serviced office allows you to keep overheads to a minimum without sacrificing comfort or facilities.

In addition, with a serviced office you only pay for the office space you need and don’t waste money on empty rooms that you may not want or need. Conversely, if your business goes through a growth period there is the option to take up additional space when needed.

Virtual Offices

If you are just starting out in business or perhaps prefer to work from home but still would like a city address, and access to first rate facilities as and when you need them, then a virtual office may be just what you are looking for.

A virtual office package keeps costs down while providing you with both a professional CBD address, access to high quality secretarial and administrative support as required, personalised telephone answering and access to a range of additional quality facilities including hot desks, conference rooms and onsite IT assistance.

With our virtual office packages you get all of the upsides of a serviced office environment just not the permanent physical office.

Think of it as your online office if you will with the option of a “real” office to come to in the CBD if you need to hot desk or meet clients. You will even have the option of meeting other professionals at our regular networking events.

We have a range of virtual office packages priced to suit every budget from the “I’m just starting out and need to keep costs as low as possible” to the “I’m not quite ready/don’t need a permanent serviced office just yet but would like a reasonable level of support”.

Which option is right for you?

It is always a good idea to consider your options before committing. If you aren’t sure which option would best suit you we would be happy to take you through our full range of packages for both serviced and virtual offices so you can get a better understanding of what might work best for you now and in the future.

If you would like to explore your options further please contact us on 1300 826 551 or send us an email enquiry and we will contact you at a convenient time to discuss your needs.

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