Virtual Law by Clarence: exactly what you've been looking for.

Clarence Chambers continues to be a collection of wisdom and intelligence.

Michael Tidball

CEO, NSW Law Society

Clarence helped establish my practice and provided me with the assistance to grow my firm to a thriving family law practice. The working environment is undisputedly the best that I’ve ever been a part of.

Hayder Shkara


Clarence allowed me to establish an innovative, nimble firm that enjoys all the resources of a large full-service firm.

Jessica Kinny

Principal of Kinny Legal

The professional, collegial atmosphere and wonderful facilities really help when it comes to hiring great staff.

Bruce Madden

Executive Director, Madden & Co, Principal

One of the most effective and flexible ways we can help you start out independently is through our Virtual Law package offering over $6000 worth of resources, support and benefits for just $980 per month.

You’ll be following a well-established, proven path taken by over 350 other professionals in your shoes, over the last twenty years.

Considering moving out on your own? Clarence will be with you every step of the way.

Be confident in your success and potential to grow, with us by your side.

We offer the support you need; from full paralegal support through to admin and IT support with massive savings on all the professional services, practice management tools and resources essential for your business.

Our Virtual Law package offers you access to co-working and meeting spaces across all our locations that gives you a credible presence throughout the East Coast.

Take the worry, risk and expense out of starting your practice.

When you access the generous benefits of our Virtual Law offering, you’ll discover how Clarence can help you win back time to concentrate on the law.